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The cheese we grade, not once…but twice!

Approved by Chefs logo - Spinneyfields Cheese for the food service industry
Spinneyfields Cheese logo - twice graded cheese

The cheese we grade, not once…but twice!

Approved by Chefs logo - Spinneyfields Cheese for the food service industry
Double Gold Awards
Double Gold Awards

Great cheese is about so much more than taste.

It’s about texture too. It’s also about how well it does the job you choose it for.

That’s why our graders grade our cheese twice.

The first time is to make sure it’s in line with our highest expectations of appearance, body and flavour.

Then later we grade it again to be certain it will deliver the functionality required.

Only then do we call it Spinneyfields.

For everyone who relies on consistency and performance, Spinneyfields is the perfect choice. And that’s why it’s approved by chefs.

Spinneyfields Cheese Slices

The infinitely versatile, cost-saving ingredient so essential to the foodservice industry. Six different varieties, packed for ease of use and perfect portion control, and delicious in everything from sandwiches, toasties and paninis, to burgers and even cheesy pies…

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Spinneyfields Grated & Diced Cheese

Spinneyfields Grated & Diced Cheeses…13 different choices, all fantastic as a topping, perfect in pasta dishes, brilliant as a filling for hot eat food applications, mouthwatering in speciality breads and ideal as tasty additions to coleslaws and dips…

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Spinneyfields Grated Pizza Cheese

For one of the world’s most popular foods, a range of grated cheeses specially selected and grated to help create the perfect pizza. Designed for optimum performance in pizza ovens, they melt, cover, stretch and brown exactly the way you want them to…

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Spinneyfields Deli-block Cheese

Cut from twice-graded natural cheese for optimum quality and taste, our five different varieties of Spinneyfields Deli-block cheese are the go-to ingredient for countless hot and cold food applications, whether you’re slicing it, dicing it, shredding it or grating it…

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Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™

New to the Spinneyfields range, Consistent Shred™ is one of the most advanced cheese products available. Designed specifically for pizzas, using our amazing TCS Technology™, choose from a premium Soft Melt 100% Mozzarella, our Mozzarella & Cheddar Blend and a delicious value-for-money Pizza Topper.

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“Ornua Ingredients asked me to try out the new Spinneyfields cheese range in some menu
ideas and I found that the cheeses really performed in both hot and cold applications,
delivering great flavour and functionality as an ingredient.”

Mike Keen, Consultant Chef

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