Six Fabulous Grated Blends for Budget-Friendly Flavour.

The new Super Six Savers range of grated blends cuts costs without compromising on flavour.

Are you looking for a way to cut costs without compromising on quality with your cheese ingredients? If so, you might want to check out the new Super Six Savers range of grated blends from Spinneyfields, the cheese experts for the catering industry.

The products have been meticulously crafted to offer outstanding taste without breaking the bank, making them the perfect choice for foodservice operators looking to save money without compromising on quality.

Selected to deliver great taste at a really cost-effective price, the Spinneyfields Super Six Savers range is perfect for foodservice operators who want to offer their customers a variety of options for different types of cuisine and applications.

Perfect for pizza & pasta, elevate your Italian-inspired creations…

The range includes two products specifically designed for perfect pizzas and pasta: containing real mozzarella, to give you a mild, creamy flavour, reduced wastage, and an even, generous melt.

So, whether you are making a classic Margherita, a cheesy lasagna, or a gourmet pizza with toppings of your choice, these blends will make your dishes irresistible!

• For Italian-themed applications, choose from; Grated Pizza Blend 80/20 (code 499385) and Grated Pizza Mix 70/30 (489437)

Versatile Usage…

The next two products in our range are classic all-rounders, suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether it’s sandwiches, toasties, cheesy chips, or cheese sauces, these mild blends offer a versatile solution to replace traditional cheddar.

But the real beauty of these blends lies in their adaptability; they seamlessly fit into various menu items, enhancing the overall taste whilst being budget friendly.

• For versatility, choose from; Grated White Mild 50/50 (499211) or Grated White Mild 80/20 (499885)

Mature flavour or colour…

In the world of UK foodservice, quality and cost-effectiveness often go hand in hand. Operators strive to provide delicious meals while keeping expense under control and that’s where our specially-selected grated blends really come into play.

So, to complete the Super Six Savers range, we’ve developed two products that are designed to be used instead of mature cheddar and coloured cheddar: Spinneyfields Mature Blend and Spinneyfields Coloured Blend.

Developed for chefs who seek a more intense flavour experience for their dishes, the grated mature blend delivers a rich, tangy flavour and smooth texture, making it ideal for those who appreciate the rich, robust taste of a more mature product.

• For more flavour ask for; Grated White Mature (Blend) code 489411

And finally, to add a burst of colour to your dishes, we’ve introduced a coloured version to the range. This vibrant blend not only delivers on flavour but also on presentation. It’s perfect for adding an eye-catching element to salads, nachos, burgers, in fact any dish that could benefit from a pop of colour!

• For colour choose; Grated Coloured Mild (Blend) code 489405

In conclusion…

Our Super Six Savers grated cheese blends offer foodservice operators the perfect solution to cut costs without compromising on quality. Whether you’re crafting delectable pizzas, experimenting with versatile recipes, or aiming to enhance the visual appeal of your dishes, our range has you covered.

With cost-effectiveness, consistency, and customer satisfaction at the forefront, our cheese blends are a valuable addition to any foodservice establishment. Elevate your menu, streamline your operations, and watch your business thrive!


Spinneyfields Super Six Savers grated blends are available in convenient 2kg bags that are easy to store and use.  Enquire on to try the new range today and see the difference for yourself!

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