Double Gold at The International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2023!

Ornua Ingredients Europe Gets a “Pizza the Action” with Double Gold at The International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2023!

The prestigious International Cheese & Dairy Awards, widely regarded as the largest cheese show in the world with over 5500 entries, recently witnessed a triumph for Ornua Ingredients Europe.

Amidst fierce competition from cheese producers across the globe, our Consistent Shred Pizza Cheese proudly clinched the Gold medal in the “Best Pizza Cheese” category .

Super Seven…

…as well as the Gold for Consistent Shred, made at Ledbury UK, we also got a Gold medal for Spinneyfields Extra Mature Cheddar, plus an additional 4 silver medals , including silver for Spinneyfields pizza cheese, and a bronze medal. This haul of seven medals was achieved with eight entries into the awards.

This remarkable achievement showcases OIE’s commitment to excellence, innovation and consistent quality in its products.

The International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2023: A Global Showcase of Dairy Excellence

International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2023

Held at Stafford in the United Kingdom, The International Cheese & Dairy Awards stands as a revered event within the dairy industry.

Every year, cheese and dairy producers from around the world gather to showcase their finest products and vie for the prestigious accolades.

Judged by an expert panel of seasoned cheese experts, the competition evaluates entries based on taste, texture, aroma, and overall quality.

Ornua Ingredients Europe’s Consistent Shred Pizza Cheese: A Game-Changer

Among the myriad of entries in the Best Pizza Cheese category, Ornua Ingredients Europe’s Consistent Shred pizza cheese proved to be the standout pizza product for the judges.

Made with our unique TCS technology, this award-winning cheese redefines the standards of pizza toppings, offering a tantalising blend of a rich, creamy flavour and a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Renowned for its supreme consistency and superior performance in high-temperature pizza cooking environments, this cheese has become a go-to-choice for QSRs, pizza chains and restaurants worldwide.

2023 International Cheese & Dairy Awards

Ornua Ingredients Europe’s Extra Mature Cheddar: A Testament to Tradition

In the highly competitive Convenience Cheese category, OIE’s grated extra mature cheddar gained a gold in class DP350, Grated Cheese section.

Ornua Ingredients Europe’s entry earned universal acclaim from the judges. And again, our grated Mature Cheddar won the Silver Medal, another straight one-two victory.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Ornua Ingredients Europe’s triumph at The International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2023 stands as a testament to our commitment to producing dairy products of the highest quality.

With cutting-edge research and development facilities and a team of skilled colleagues, Ornua Ingredients Europe continually strives to innovate and create cheeses that delight customers.

The Impact of Double Gold Medals

Winning double gold medals for both Consistent Shred pizza cheese and Extra Mature Cheddar, has brought Ornua Ingredients Europe to the attention of the global food industry, serving as testament to our dedication and further strengthening Ornua’s reputation as a global leader in the dairy industry.

With this recognition, Ornua Ingredients Europe aims to attract new partners and customers, further expanding our reach into the European & international markets, particularly in the quick service restaurant sector.


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