The Versatility of Cheddar Cheese Slices makes it a “go-to” ingredient.

Chances are you haven’t spent too much of your life pondering the pros (there are no cons) of the humble Cheddar Cheese Slice. But we have.

That’s why it shines brightly in our line-up of deliciously good, twice-graded Spinneyfields Cheese Slices.

You see, the more slices we make, the more ideas people come up with for using them in their dishes. And it’s not a matter of taste..

Ready cut and perfectly portioned-controlled, the cheese slice is ridiculously quick and easy to use, providing what is probably the ultimate ingredient when it comes to delivering cost-effective performance…something of huge importance to a UK food-to-go market estimated to be worth in excess of £25Bn in the foreseeable future.

Spoilt for choice.

While today’s cheese slice comes in a host of different varieties, Cheddar remains a firm favourite, not just because of its wonderful flavour, but because it cuts cleanly into thin slices, resists breaking at the edges, and even copes with a fair amount of ‘bending’, making it ideal for so many applications.

Yes…way up on that list, inevitably, is the ubiquitous cheeseburger. But here’s the thing. Use your favourite search engine to ask for “things to do with Cheddar cheese slices” and stand back in awe!

Melt them over nachos or in a mac ‘n’ cheese. Partner them with pasta, paninis, pizza and pulses. Roll them inside a sausage roll, toast them in a toastie, or turn a sub into something sublime. And these are just the obvious ones.

Just about anywhere that you can use cheese you can use a cheese slice, or two, or three, or more. And we’ve left the best to last…the humble sandwich.

The nation’s grab-and-go favourite invariably features cheese. And the easiest way to meet that demand is…you’ve guessed it…the cheese slice. Ideally proportioned, easy to handle and with no waste at all, it has to be the star of the chiller.

Cheese Slices are Food for the imagination

So, get creative with your slices. Invent new burgers, new sandwiches, new meltingly good ‘warmers’ for a cold, dark night. And get ‘arty’ too. Cut them into strips and decorate everything from a pizza for kids, to a cheesy crusty loaf, to meat balls fit for a king.

Hot, cold, winter, summer, main course, snack, buffet…it doesn’t matter. The Cheddar Cheese Slice will rise to the occasion…and never let you down. Especially when it’s from Spinneyfields.

And that is why we think it’s right up there in the ranks of the most essential ingredients of all.

Have you got any great tips for using cheese slices? Share in the comments below.


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