Eating our way back to normal

 How Spinneyfields Cheese aims to be at the forefront of post-lockdown menus

Three lockdowns. Restrictions we never imagined would be needed. Adjusting to a ‘new normal’ affecting both work and play. 2020 and the early months of ‘21 have been a tough time for almost everyone.

But with the current easing of restrictions there is, at last, real cause for optimism with ‘catch-up’ plans being implemented everywhere…especially in the hospitality industry.

Our pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, fast-food outlets, cafes, bars and hotels have endured a particularly difficult 14 months.

Yes, there was ‘eat-out-to-help-out’. Yes, home deliveries sky-rocketed. Yes, takeaways and coffee sellers could offer a limited ‘to-go’ menu.

But across the board the shutters were down more than up, doors were invariably closed, and tables and chairs remained forlornly empty.

So…what now?

Well, short term, it will still be a ‘big ask’ to return to reasonable profit. There’s no shortage of people desperate to get back to socialising with family and friends.

But with limitations on numbers still the order of the day, adjustments will have to be made to staffing levels, even menu options, to operate at a worthwhile level.

Longer term, there’s a very different world to consider too. We know a significant percentage of the population plans to scale back how often they eat-out.

Hybrid work patterns will affect everything from the ‘commute coffee’, to the lunchtime sandwich, to the after-work drink before heading home.

We’ve become more health conscious with an inevitable impact on our eating habits. And home delivery is now almost a necessity, not an option.

All of which means the market will be even more competitive than it was before, despite around 10% of restaurants falling by the wayside. And that means success will rely on having a competitive edge.

Location, inspiration, imagination, innovation…they will all play their part. But so will a menu that reminds people what they’ve been missing and gives them an appetite to come back for more.

Cheese – one of your most essential ingredients

That’s where we can help, starting with one of your most essential ingredients…cheese.

The Spinneyfields range covers everything…sliced, diced, grated, deli-blocks, special pizza cheeses…in fact formats and varieties to suit every mouthwatering creation.

But what makes Spinneyfields really special is that we grade it, not once, but twice, to make sure it meets our highest standards. It meets the standards of chefs too…that’s why they’ve given it their approval.

And one more thing. If developing new menu options is currently more than you can cope with while there’s so much on your plate…we can help you there too.

Just visit our recipes page at for sure-fire favourites and tried and tested deliciousness.

Spinneyfields. Absolutely no restrictions on quality, taste or versatility.

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