Delivering The Perfect Pizza Experience

We are living in unprecedented times. As we write, restaurants remain closed. Pubs are closed. Coffee shops are closed. Eating out of home, as we have come to accept it, has all but disappeared.

Yet before current events so quickly overtook us, as well as becoming accustomed to ‘eating out’ as a regular way of life, we had also come to expect much of the same food we would enjoy in a restaurant to be available delivered to our door.

With Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats all providing app-based services around the world, investment in home delivery has been staggering. But not even the best prepared of multi-national operators could have envisaged the situation we now find ourselves in, or the level of importance we would now all be placing on takeaway and home delivery.

One thing we can be certain of, though, is that there will be no lessening of the standards expected by at-home diners. In fact, quite the opposite, as we all adjust to the loss of the freedom to eat out, and instead hope to enjoy the same level of quality at home.


To the rescue…the humble pizza.

Many restaurants are trying their best to offer a limited menu for delivery. Others have decided only a total shutdown is realistic. But one area that has thrown itself into the breach, adopting the notion of ‘keep calm and carry on’ is…pizza!

Perhaps it’s because many of the key ingredients are still relatively easy to come by. Maybe it’s because it’s not a particularly labour-intensive food to prepare. Or perhaps it’s simply that pizza is the most popular ‘comfort food’ in the world and right now that’s what we all need a slice of.

So…what is the secret of delivering pizza to a highly expectant audience and still retaining all that amazing straight-from-the-oven taste, appearance and texture?

The answer is actually incredibly simple. It’s all about the cheese.

How to deliver the perfect pizza

Step one…Mozzarella.

Known as the ‘glue’ that holds pizza together, Mozzarella undergoes some fairly amazing transformations once it’s in the oven.

Water in the cheese evaporates, creating steam, which in turn causes it to bubble. Thanks to Mozzarella’s ‘stretchiness’, these bubbles grow bigger before the natural oil slides off, the bubbles pop and the exposed cheese starts to brown.

And while all this is happening, a natural reaction occurs between the sugars and the proteins in Mozzarella (it’s called the Maillard Reaction) creating amazing colours, flavours and aromas.

That’s the techie bit. Now for the masterstroke…


Step two…add Cheddar.

It might have been around for much longer than we’ve been devouring pizza, but good old Cheddar is key to our enjoyment of this must-have staple of 21st century diets.

In fact, Cheddar is invaluable when it comes to contributing much of the function and flavour that complements Mozzarella’s texture and visual appeal. And that’s not simply a random act of bringing two ingredients together.

Food scientists have worked on this for years and now identified, once and for all, that the best combination of cheese to ensure the optimal amount of ‘stringiness’ and flavour is a specific blend of Mozzarella and Cheddar.


Step three…the ultimate solution.

At Ornua Ingredients Europe, we’ve been spearheading much of this development work, first creating our own breakthrough TCS™ Technology, then using it to help produce our brand new Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™ pizza cheese…created especially for takeaways and deliveries.

Consistent Shred™ is so much more than just a great tasting pizza cheese. It bubbles and browns beautifully. It stretches superbly. Its flavour is fantastic. And it’s designed to provide perfect portion control, cutting down on waste and therefore keeping costs firmly in check.

But Consistent Shred™ has one more very special trick up its sleeve. In the past, there have been problems with pizza cheese ‘transparency’. In effect, once the pizza arrives at its destination, the cheese can look thin and ‘mean’, spoiling the customer’s satisfaction.

Not any more! Consistent Shred™ delivers – quite literally – a really generous coverage, maintaining its opacity from oven to front door, contributing hugely to visual appeal and a quality feel, without the chef piling on unnecessary extras.

So, now you know…

That’s how to deliver the perfect pizza…something untold millions can look forward to, not just in the difficult weeks to come, but when we can all get back to choosing how, where and when we can enjoy our favourite food.

If you’d like us to deliver any more help and guidance, just get in touch. We’ve brought all our cheese know-how together under one brand…Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™…and we’re more than happy to share.


Are there any pizza trends you’ve noticed? Or would like to see? Anything that drives you mad? Let us know in the comments below. 

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