IT’S ALL Change for QsR and Takeaways

 Has the Pandemic changed Quick Service Restaurants and Takeaways forever?

The QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector is ‘quick’ in more ways than one. Quick in terms of service, yes. But also quick to respond to movements in market demographics and eating trends.

But the effects of the global pandemic have introduced a whole new meaning to the idea of adapting quickly to a changing world.

Lockdowns, working from home, redefining how we spend our money, even a determination to lead a healthier lifestyle, are all impacting on the broad hospitality industry. And it’s the QSR and takeaway sectors that look best placed to turn this changing landscape into a growth opportunity.

In fact, almost one in ten younger people and parents of younger families have indicated that they expect to order more takeaways and home-deliveries than before the pandemic.

More…and less

It’s not just the traditional takeaways that are likely to benefit. With some of the world’s biggest QSR names now joining forces with delivery companies to offer an ‘eat-at-home’ option, fast-food consumer choice is now bigger than ever before.

It’s even impacting on the location and size of a QSR’s footprint too. A growing preference for takeaway, rather than ‘eat-in’, means premises can be smaller than before. And the inevitable shift towards more working from home, along with a reduced reliance on public transport, is making city-centre sites less attractive to operators than once they were, encouraging down-sizing in certain locations and a ramping up of broader delivery options.

And a whole new opportunity for takeaways and QSRs…

Along with the huge growth in demand for takeaways and deliveries, one of the many changes brought about by lockdown has also been the inevitable resurgence in home cooking.

However, what might not have seemed quite so apparent at the outset, was that these two trends would meet in the middle. But that’s exactly what’s happened.

Meal-kits have also surged in popularity, and not just those despatched from the usual full-service restaurants. Almost one in three QSR customers would like the opportunity to create their favourite fast-food dishes at home, opening up yet another new channel for QSR’s to deliver their menu favourites, but boxed as a recipe, with ingredients, to put together at home.

Changing times. Changing opportunities…especially for those that are ‘quick’ off the mark.


How do you see the pandemic shaping the future for QSRs and Takeaways? Please leave us your comments below.

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