Why Mozzarella’s Global Popularity is Rising.

If you were asked, what would you think is the world’s most popular cheese?

For certain, a lot of people would plump for the ubiquitous Cheddar. After all, apart from being recognised as a classic ‘British’ cheese, it’s actually produced in around a dozen countries, from Canada to Ireland, from New Zealand to the USA.

Or perhaps you might opt for Feta? Or maybe Parmesan? You might even think it’s Ricotta.

But you’d be wrong. Today, the most popular cheese in the world is…Mozzarella.

Why is Mozzarella So Popular?

Naturally, that has a lot to do with our enormous appetite for consuming pizza. But Mozzarella has considerably more strings to its bow.

Rich in protein and calcium, Mozzarella is equally at home in countless pasta bakes. It’s increasingly popular as Mozzarella ‘sticks’. It’s used in enchiladas, frittatas and risottos. In fact, the world has woken up to how versatile this creamy cheese really is…whether cold in a tomato, basil and Mozzarella salad, or melted and stretched to perfection on a freshly baked pizza slice.

The growing trend of ‘Westernising’ food, particularly in the Asia-Pacific regions, has only added to demand, along with rising numbers of the world’s middle-class population who now dine out in ever increasing numbers.

The Stats to Back Up the Claim

But, if any doubts remain…the stats speak for themselves. In 2018, the global Mozzarella market was valued at over US$33 billion. But, by a decade later, that figure is expected to exceed a staggering US$50 billion!

And here’s one more figure that’s a clear indicator of things to come. In 2018, well over one third of all the Mozzarella used around the world was shredded…a trend set to continue its spiraling upward momentum as more and more pizza and pasta is consumed.

Spinneyfields Shredded Mozzarella Range

Little surprise then, that Ornua is committing even more of its resources and market leading technology to increasing production of its Spinneyfields Shredded Mozzarella range, while also challenging its R&D and innovation teams to further improve the customer experience…either through IQF breakthroughs, Ornua’s unique TCS™ Pizza Cheese Technology, or simply by producing carefully constructed blends that are tailored precisely to individual customer needs.

Spinneyfields Mozzarella…leading the way with the world’s favourite cheese.

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