Setting New Standards in Pizza Cheese Technology

How our Consistent Shred™ is setting new standards.

The hugely popular Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™ range is setting new standards in performance, thanks to the use of Ornua’s unique TSC Pizza Cheese Technology™.

Both blends are produced using an advanced process to deliver total consistency of product, with all the important qualities and characteristics that elevate it above the competition.

By grating using TSC Technology™, Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™ eliminates clumping or fines, reducing wastage, helping with perfect portion control, and making it the highly cost-effective solution.

Controlled Stretch and Generous Melt

The texture and cook quality are excellent, so coverage and stretch can be easily controlled. And the generous melt – made possible by the consistent shred – gives an even appearance, reduced blistering, and exceptional oven-to-plate consistency.

Now add a rich, mild and creamy flavour, and you have a pizza cheese offering great taste, using less cheese, and with minimal waste.

Richard Thorpe is Head of Marketing for Ornua Ingredients Europe. For more insights and information on Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™, TCS Technology™, or the entire Spinneyfields range, email


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