What to expect 2020 to deliver

What are the Pizza Trends taking hold in 2020.

Richard Thorpe, Head of Marketing for Ornua Ingredients Europe, looks at what we could expect to see in the pizza industry in 2020.

Well, for starters, a whole lot of pizzas!

It will come as no surprise that pizza remains one of the most in-demand foods available today, with a global value of around $140 billion. But the way we access those pizzas is changing, and changing fast.

Of course, restaurants remain a major draw. But if you’re not in the business of delivery, you could be missing out on a huge market sector. In a nutshell, delivery is the new takeaway and third party operators and apps are revolutionising the industry. It isn’t about if you should join in the fun…it’s when.

In fact, consumers are now increasingly interested in any option that allows pizza to be delivered straight into their hands, 24/7. Hence the recent arrival on the scene of pizza vending machines!

So, what else will be on the menu?

Innovation. Innovation. And yet more innovation.

It seems we’re increasing interested in flavours influenced, not just by our travels, but from exposure to international tastes highlighted by social media.

Once we were happy to have pizza that shouted Italy. Then America. Then Hawaii. But things are now very different. Innovative flavours from around the world are finding a place as pizza toppings.

Korean, Filipino and Persian cuisines are introducing a multi-cultural mix. Flavours from Thailand, South Africa and India are growing in popularity. Middle Eastern favourites are on their way too…like Thoum, a blend of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt, Zhoug, which blends hot pepper with garlic and cilantro, and Za’atar, which combines green herbs, sesame and olive oil.

Incidentally, small is big, especially when it comes to introducing these new flavours. Side-plate and bite-size pizzas will be a great way to say ‘try this for a change’, especially for the growing snack market.

However, whatever the flavour trend, the one common denominator will always be the pizza cheese! No pizza worth its salt is complete without the obligatory mozzarella or mozzarella/ Cheddar cheese topping.

From the bottom up

Needless to say, pizza isn’t all about the topping. The base is big business too and plant-based options are on the rise. Yes, they’re ideal for vegans. But pizza lovers in general are also looking for healthier, great tasting meatless options.

Gluten free and vegan crusts now include cauliflower, sweet potato and beetroot. And, on a more conventional note, bases made with ancient grains, added semolina flour or whole-wheat flour and red quinoa will be ticking the healthy boxes and leaning towards the growing appeal of an authentic, artisan choice.

Street and in-house theatre

Street food, once something we associated with distant lands or our own ‘hipster’ culture, is now absolutely mainstream here in the UK.

We’ve wholeheartedly joined the 2.5 billion people worldwide who enjoy street food every day. And it’s not just at weekend markets, festivals and shows. Street food is becoming an integral part of food and retail parks, sporting occasions, tourist venues…even weddings. And the Pizza truck is front and centre!

Back at base, restaurants and fast-casual outlets are embracing the sense of theatre too, with the introduction of wood fired ovens which are making a spectacular comeback. It seems we simply can’t get enough of the woody smokiness that heightens a pizza’s natural flavours.

And finally, appearance is everything

It’s back. Like it or loathe it, posting pics of food will be right back on trend in 2020.

Moral of the story? Presentation is everything! So, yet again, visual appeal will be as important as appetite appeal.

A difference sauce is a great place to start. Instead of something tomato-based, look out for things like an Alfredo sauce, an olive tapenade, pesto, barbecue sauce…even a touch of ranch.

And as for the toppings, the wow factor will be a must…like bright orange and yellow roasted peppers, fried chicken, crispy bacon, avocado, sun-dried tomato and the sunshine colours of cheese. As they say, the world is your oyster. Now there’s a thought.

Yes, the roaring 20’s are returning with a bang. But this time it will be the pizza ovens that are roaring with success.

Richard Thorpe is Head of Marketing for Ornua Ingredients Europe. For more information on Ornua’s pizza cheese range, email sales@spinneyfields.com


Are there any pizza trends you’ve noticed? Or would like to see? Anything that drives you mad? Let us know in the comments below. 

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